Easy Passive Income Strategy That I Used to Make 12% This Week

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3 min readDec 1, 2022

Whenever I tell people I trade Options. People think it’s a “Risky” option play.

Do you know what’s the riskiest option play?

Never learning about Options.

Statistics show that buying options exposes the buyer to the risk of losing 80% of the time, while on the opposite side, the seller gains this advantage.

If you want to make quick money, and risk everything, this strategy might not be right for you. This is not a strategy where you can make 200–300% in a week just like Option Buyers.

The most significant disadvantage of Option Buying is that you win one day, lose the next, win two more sessions, and lose the next. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of gambling my money.

However, the beauty of option selling is that the probability remains in your favor.

This is a laziest portfolio strategy which requires less time to maintain.

It involves conservative trading style where you win 97% of the time. The rest 3% also can be avoided on avoiding bad trades.

Tired of asking your boss for a raise? Why not give yourself a paycheck?

Find What Works For you

Everybody trades in a different way. But the choice is yours. You must choose what suits you best.

Day trading is really effective for me because it is easy to manage. I do, however, also trade STBT trades when the direction is favorable because I have a 9 to 5 job. Thus, my portfolio has mix of day trades and STBTs. Both day trade and STBT has a complete different charting methods. Refer my guide on how I trade STBTs.

Similarly, I use a unique approach to day trading when it comes to credit spreads compared to Option buying. I’ll be writing an article shortly in the future.

Below are the premiums I collected this week:

This may seem small, but this is where compounding comes into play. But if you look at SPY’s weekly performance. Just 0.67 percent. However, I have outperformed the S&P 500 by 17 times with ROI of 12%.

Imagine you make $300 a week. And you make this for 52 trading sessions, you can target for $15,600 passively.

Trade Like A Casino Owner

By being an Option Seller/Writer, you become like a casino to options buyers. It’s like operating your own casino at home.

I sell weekly premiums passively using options selling.

The way I trade doesn’t require much time. It only took 7 minutes to setup the trade.

I have written a complete book on Secrets of Credit Spreads where I have explained in depth on the below. This book is not just another technical analysis course. It’s my years of backtesting / hardwork and my entire trading system condensed in a PDF document.

How much premiums did you collect this week? Drop your numbers in the comments below! 😊



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